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Pronomen, Nominativ

Fill up the blanks with the correct pronouns and click on Überprüf die Antwort (check the answer).


For reference see the page: German Pronouns - Nominative case
"Ich bin.", "Wir lesen.", "Was isst du?", "Was können Sie tun?", "Sprecht ihr Deutsch?", "Was hat er?", "Sie fährt.", "Geht es gut?", "Was sehen sie?", "Wer nimmt es?", "Ich komme.", "Wir mögen.", "Was gibst du mir?", "Was spielen Sie?", "Was schreibt ihr?", "Er muss gehen.", "Sie macht nichts.", "Es ist schlecht.", "Sie arbeiten.", "Wer heißt David?", "I am.", "We are reading. (We read.)", "What are you(sg.) eating? (What do you eat?)", "What can You(fm.) do?", "Do you(pl.) speak German?", "What does he have?", "She is driving. (She is going.)", "Is it going well?", "What do they see? (What are they seeing?)", "Who is taking it? (Who takes it?)", "I am coming. (I come.)", "We like.", "What are you(sg.) giving me? (What do you give me?)", "What are You(fm.) playing? (What do You play?)", "What are you(pl.) writing? (What do you write?)", "He must go.", "She is doing nothing. (She does nothing.)", "It is bad.", "They are working. (They work.)", "Who is called David?",
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