German verb MÜSSEN
Exercise 2

Choose the correct forms of the missed words and click on Überprüf die Antwort (check the answer).


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"Ich muss diesen Brief drucken.", "Musst du lachen?", "Wir müssen dieses Thema nicht lernen.", "Sie müssen sich jeden Tag rasieren.", "Er muss sich anziehen.", "Das muss sie nicht hören.", "Und muss es regnen?", "Warum muss ich das schneiden?", "Wir müssen den Dieb erwischen.", "Sie müssen mehr Saft trinken.", "Er muss sein Auto waschen.", "Sie muss ihm nicht glauben.", "Es muss wahr sein.", "Sie müssen miteinander leben.", "Ich muss dir mein Haus zeigen.", "Wir müssen heute gewinnen.", "Ihr müsst mein Auto reparieren.", "Er muss sein Boot verkaufen.", "Sie muss diesen Brief erklären.", "Es muss im Schrank sein.", "I must print this letter.", "Do you(sg.) have to laugh?", "We don't have to learn this subject.", "They have to shave every day.", "He has to dress.", "She doesn't have to hear that.", "And does it have to rain?", "Why do I have to cut this?", "We must catch the thief.", "You(formal) must drink more juice.", "He has to wash his car.", "She doesn't have to believe him.", "It must be true.", "They have to live with each other.", "I must show you my house.", "We have to win today.", "You(pl.) must repair my car.", "He has to sell his boat.", "She must explain this letter.", "It has to be in the cupboard.",

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